Who Am I?

I am web developer based in South Carolina, though I am often traveling. My primary work is involved with creating and maintaining custom websites that require detailed solutions. I enjoy the process of creating custom solutions for websites, whether that be for clients that have a specific need for their websites or working on my own projects for fun.

I also enjoy traveling to different places in the world to experience new places and cultures. One of my favorite hobbies is walking around new cities and photographing all of the beautiful locations that I can find. I try to split my time between resting and enjoying my hometown and going overseas to experience new places.

Another passion of mine is simply learning new things. I greatly enjoy learning new languages, whether that is human or computer languages. Aside from traveling different place, I also try to split my free time between learning new programming tools/paradigms and learning languages. My current interests involve learning Rust as a programming language and Ukrainian as a human language.